I recently listened to the story of the talented artist who created the community art project "Before I die..." As a way to deal with the grief that she was facing in her life, she tranformed the side of a builiding into a giant chalkboard for others to share their thoughts. The answers that came after those 3 dots were focused on the truth of life versus the thought of death. For most of us it is easy to get caught up in the day to day and forget about what's really important. As I have been contemplating my answer this week, it has helped me restore perspective on what matters most in my life. While time devoted to outward success has its place, time devoted to inner happiness and peace al


Over the past two weeks, I feel that I have failed as a yogi. When life is running steady, I am pretty committed to the daily healthy practices/routines that keep me whole. I practice yoga, I take some quiet moments just to be still and breathe, I thoughtfully prepare nourishing meals and sometimes I will even journal to let some of the crazy spill out. The last two weeks though has brought some unexpected and sweet uncertainty into my life. The path that I chose to support my decisions? Ignoring my friends, bold red wine, sugar in all forms and submerging myself in a hot tub sprinkled with my daughter's bath toys. Sometimes all at once :) The result? I am sure you can guess. I kinda feel li