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discover yourself

Creating a vision for your life consists of knowing who you are, how you want to feel and a deep belief in what is possible.


Use this program as a guidebook to create more clarity around the direction that you want to take for your unique life and understand the support that you will need to get there.


During this month long, self-start program, you will receive: 


  • A tested roadmap for self-discovery with relatable and actionable themes:

    • Living your Values
    • Cultivating Curiosity

    • Commitment to Self

    • Courageous Action

  • (4) reflection + journaling exercises to assist you in understanding what you value, what you desire and how to create meaningful action.

  • (4) mini movement practices that you can use to create focus and grounding and are specifically designed to provide space for discovery in your body + mind.

  • Optional coaching sessions at a discounted workshop rate.

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