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40 for my 40


In 2015, I celebrate my 40th birthday. I am excited for the year ahead and decided to commemorate it with a special list. Ask Rob about the list and you might hear a sigh. I have made lists for far less important reasons. There is always something that I want to try, achieve, learn, tackle. I have done a lot of soul work to become less busy the last few years and I am keeping that in mind when creating this list. I want these ideas to inspire me, not make me anxious or move into "check the box" attitude. For me, how many I accomplish is not the goal. What matters more is the process and enjoyment of trying these things.

As you will see, I don't have all 40 created. The planner in me was itching towards a completed list, but what fun would that be? I want to see what life brings my way and what ideas you have. Have a suggestion? Let me know! Interested in one? Come & join me. Sharing this with friends will only make it sweeter.

In Progress/Complete

  • Polar Bear Plunge: Jan 1st Torrey Pines Beach with friends.

  • Start monthly blog

  • Drink 2L of water/day

  • Start a monthly journal for McKenna to read when she is older

  • Purchase & eat only organic meat

  • Carve out more time each week to read

  • Learn to play one song on the ukulele

Still Planning...

  • Run on Blacks Beach (fyi: this will not be a naked run)

  • Get a full body scrub at Aqua Spa with girlfriends

  • Have a yummy lunch on Convoy street afterwards

  • Host a meal via Feastly

  • Grab a sunset drink at Mister A's

  • Celebrate 2015 in Sayulita, MX with my dear friends

  • Don't stress about my love of chocolate, eat the good stuff, often.

  • Commit to my bi-monthly Spanish lessons and study an additional 30 minutes/week.

  • Relax at Glen Ivy for a day

  • 40 random love notes to my love: Rob

  • Take a road trip to somewhere new in Cali: Big Sur, Catalina, Santa Cruz, etc.

  • Handstand...finally...practice

  • Treat my mom & dad to a very special day. Open my heart wide so they know how much I care

  • 30 yoga classes in 30 days. I have never done it!

  • Lead another yoga retreat with my dear C-bear

  • Perfect an espresso

  • Make homemade gnocchi

  • Give it forward 1x/month...volunteer, secretly pay for a strangers check, love notes, & other random acts of kindness

  • Invest in a mattress that makes me want to stay in bed. Suggestions, pls so I can get more zzz's

  • Launch Project H: a girl can have one secret, right?

  • Find and take some inspiring yoga continuing ed workshops

  • Get Crafty: vision board journal, Spring wreath for the front door, etc.

  • Dance, laugh & dance more: I recently took U-Jam and felt like I was the sexiest, flyest girl in the room. Not quite, but maybe with practice.

  • Take a nude painting class, once again, I am not the naked one.

Okay, you get where I am coming from now, right? Have ideas? Leave me a comment here or on the Facebook page. I cannot wait to hear!

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