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Dear Universe,

As I envision and craft the life I want to live, I inevitably hit walls. The majority are self-constructed. Standing in front of what seems like an infinitely deep and tall concrete structure, I consider if I am strong enough to continue pursuing my dreams. Beyond that, if I even know what I am truly meant to be doing. And then...the Universe shows up to provide little reminders that I am doing just fine.

How do I know the Universe is sending me signs? Honestly, I pray for them. A little callout from my heart that says, "Anyone out there? If you are listening, let me know that I am not crazy and that my small steps are leading me towards something big. P.S. send cookies."

Other times it is a verbal vocalization to a trusted friend, "here is what I am up to, does this make sense?" Your truest soul friends will never lead you astray or placate you.

Thank you Universe for the unexpected client connections this week, for my students who give as much to me as I give to them and for my soul friends who appeared with wise words just when I needed to hear them.

Weekly Challenge

From your heart, share your belief in someone's natural gift and talent. It might be just the encouragement that they need.

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