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Over the past two weeks, I feel that I have failed as a yogi.

When life is running steady, I am pretty committed to the daily healthy practices/routines that keep me whole. I practice yoga, I take some quiet moments just to be still and breathe, I thoughtfully prepare nourishing meals and sometimes I will even journal to let some of the crazy spill out.

The last two weeks though has brought some unexpected and sweet uncertainty into my life. The path that I chose to support my decisions? Ignoring my friends, bold red wine, sugar in all forms and submerging myself in a hot tub sprinkled with my daughter's bath toys. Sometimes all at once :)

The result? I am sure you can guess. I kinda feel like shit. By choosing to contain my stress in my body, I was left with a gnarly headache that lasted 3 days, a little extra junk in the trunk and friends who wonder where I disappeared to.

The last fews days, I have started to pull my shit together and get my head on straight. A yoga sutra that I am taking with me this week is: Sthira Sukha Asanam.

Sthira= stand, be firm, take a stand

Sukha= comfortable, easy, light relaxed or good space

Asanam= sit, inhabit, dwell

On & off my mat, I am focusing on being vigilant about keeping my prana (energy that drives life) healthy. I want to create good space not only in my body but in my life. This means a serious commitment to what I know works when life gets interesting.

So, what have I replaced the wine with? Meaningful conversations with Rob & close friends, focusing on one thing at a time and more sprinkles of just sitting still knowing that the answers will come.

Journal: What daily practices/routines keep you whole? What are new ones that you want to try on?

Playllist: Follow me on Spotify to get weekly playlists at: scolosimo123

Give Back: I am beyond thrilled to be working with Andre Houle this month. He will be leading an inspiring yoga class & I will be adjusting in it. Best part about it? A portion of all sales go back to the local non-profit Loving Spoonfuls who provide daily meals to those in need. Limited spots available, register today.

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