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The first time I heard the word Aparigraha was back in 2004 during my teacher training. Translated to non-grasping/non-hoarding, I easily related it to my overabundance of Lululemon pants that made my ass look so fly.

Today, as I revisiting this concept in preparation for a lecture, the meaning took a deeper hold.

”The word ‘graha’ means to take, to seize, or to grab, ‘pari’ means ‘on all sides’, and the prefix ‘a’ negates the word itself - basically, it means ‘non’.

The teaching of aparigraha holds true for nonmaterial things as well. For me, it is old thought patterns that no longer are working. In fact, there are in direct conflict with what I know to be true. The tighter that I cling, the less room I have to grow.

This teaching serves as a sweet reminder to keep only what serves us, especially in our mind and heart, and to breathe to know when it's time to let go of everything else.

Journal: What can you let go of to make more space in your life?

Mudra: If you know me well, you know that I talk with my hands. That is why mudras amaze me.

"The Snag" (pictured above) If you acknowledge that life has its snags, you can see them as moments to pause and regroup, helping you cope better when you’re feeling blocked. By meditating on the actual obstacle, instead of feeling stuck, you might be curious enough to head in a different direction for discovery and adventure. (Yoga Journal)

Teacher Training: One thought pattern that I had to release was that "I don't know enough." I am humbled to say that I am creating and leading a 200-hour Teacher Training in San Diego that starts

April 7th. My promise to all the trainees is to share everything that I have learned during my 12 years of teaching yoga and forty amazing years as a student of life. Should you be interested, let's get together for a class or coffee and talk about how I can support you.

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