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The days have been whizzing by...are you having that experience too? So much has transpired since the beginning of the year in our household. New babe, uncertainties and celebrations with our work, moving back to our house after having a 1-year rental adventure and navigating the new dynamics of our changing family.

I found that while we were enjoying life, we also were allowing it to happen to us. Specifically, we weren't slowing down enough to truly notice each other. More checking boxes and being on autopilot instead of being present and deliberate with our words and actions.

After chatting with a good friend about best relationship practices, we implemented a new nighttime ritual.

Already at dinner time, we ask each other & share, "what was one really good thing about your day?" This helps us let go of negativity that may have come home with us from work or life and bring positive energy to the dinner table.

During our new nightly practice, we ask each other "what is 1 thing that you are grateful for?" AND "what is one thing that you appreciate about _____." The blank space is reserved for my husband and my daughter when I am asked this question.

You can just feel the shift when we look each other in the eye and verbalize what we appreciate about each other. A lot that is said we may have thought in the past, but never shared with each other. Through this practice of vulnerability, truth and humility, I have felt more connected & seen in my relationship.


Take on one or all of the practices for a day with friends or family and see how they respond and how you feel.


Humble Warrior

  • Begin in Downward Facing Dog

  • Step your right foot forward between your hands

  • Inhale, lift your torso up

  • Stage your feet so that you feel steady and your hip points aim towards the top of your mat

  • Set all four corners of your back foot deep into the mat

  • Interlace your hands behind your back

  • Hinge at your hips and allow your arms to reach over your head for a stretch

  • Gaze at your back foot and breathe to keep your body grounded and steady

  • Experience the postures for 5-10 breaths, slowly rise and switch sides

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