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I remember being in my early 20’s and wondering what type of career I would have.


Recently graduated, I couldn’t fathom what I would do for the next year let alone the next 30 years.


Yoga entered my life shortly after that.


First, as a practice, and then more.


2024 is a year of milestones for me.


20 years of teaching yoga.


The opportunity to utilize this discipline to connect with others is a humbling experience. There is so much that I have learned from my personal time on my mat and double that from teaching classes for the past two decades.


For me, teaching is a courageous offering. It requires us to keep our hearts open so that the teacher, the student, and the learning can be woven together. That we can remember our intimate connection with one another and feel less alone as we navigate life.


This year also marks 15 years of leading retreats with my amazing partner Cara Ferrick.


Like teaching yoga, these experiences have taught me so much. That nature heals, that when you give yourself moments outside of the noise- you can remember what truly matters and who you are.


I wish that I could have a conversation with my 20-year old self. She was so unsure of herself. She had no idea of the gifts that lay under her skin.


Interestingly enough, some of this still holds true.


The difference is that I have so much lived experience that I can tap into for reassurance when I need it.


A new area of my coaching is working with young adults as they navigate life.

My hope is that I can share the lessons that have supported me along the way:

Core Values, Action Cures Fear, Curiosity is Key, and Connection.


Big thanks to all the yoga students who have welcomed me as they explore their yoga practice and retreat guests who have taken a big leap with Más Bliss Retreats.



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