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During a recent podcast interview, one of the final questions asked was,

"When you think of where you are today in your business, what do you wish you could tell yourself ten years ago when you started your company?"

When I took a moment to consider my response, I was surprised that there was emotion attached to it.

The answers that I gave were not only relevant for my business journey but also resonate for my life as a whole.

Wish One: There will be Highs and there will be Lows

This is something that I remind all of my coaching clients. Over the past decade, I have been working to accept the roller coaster that comes with owning a business.

Uncertainties, unexpected challenges as well as magic are all a part of this experience.

This ride has strengthened my skills of resilience and patience as well as compassion and surrender.

Wish Two: Define your Success

There are many ways to assess if my business is a success.

  • How much do I pay myself?

  • How many clients do I see each month?

  • How many followers do I have on social

The list goes on.

The answers to this list can change in an instant.

Instead, I steady myself with my personal definition of success.

  • Do I have schedule autonomy?

(i.e. take a hike on a Monday morning, meet a friend for coffee during the week, travel without worrying about vacation time)

  • Am I working on the projects and with the people that bring me joy and align with my strengths and values?

  • Does my work bring my WHY to life?

("To connect and provide support so that humans know they matter, feel heard, and are inspired towards meaningful action in their lives.")

Decide what truly matters to you. Make decisions based on your unique definition.

Wish Three: You are Enough

This is the constant conversation had with my past and present self:

Who you are, how you show up, what you give: That is enough.

As business owners, it is tempting to look outside of ourselves. To compare, to make small, and to doubt that our gift is what others need. Each of us have value to give in this world. Our work is to remove the obstacles that impede us from freely sharing it.

Final Wish...Receive Support

It is my birthday month (#libraseason), so I thought I'd throw one more wish in.

Although it was not a part of the podcast conversation, it is the wish that I have for everyone. The younger me was of the mindset of "you have to do it all yourself."

My more seasoned business self sides more towards, "ask, collaborate, receive, give."

Find your people. Share the highs and lows, be vulnerable, ask for what you need, accept support.

Looking forward to seeing what the next decade of business and living will teach me.

I'd love to hear your wishes for your younger self. Drop me a line on social or

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