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My days are so satisfying because I am constantly surrounded by people who just want to be better versions of themselves.


They ask questions and courageously step towards doing what makes them truly happy. I don't ever need to look far to get inspired.


Kim, One Love Movement

San Diego, CA

"Sheri has this wonderful way about her that puts me at ease. She offers well thought out feedback, is incredibly trustworthy, and an amazing listener. She's one of those people that others look to for guidance, grounding, and direction."

Heather, Hats for Heroines

Charlotte, NC

"Sheri offers insight and inspiration far beyond her years. She listens and uses her extensive experience to provide wisdom and support in a gentle but definitive manner. I have benefited from working with Sheri on so many levels...personal, business, emotional, spiritual."


San Diego, CA

"Sheri offers powerful & graceful guidance to realize dreams. Her years of experience in actualizing big ideas gives her the ability to see the big picture and what it takes to bring a vision fully to life. With a solid & gentle approach, she asks essential questions to make sure there is balance in all aspects of life. Her inquiry keeps me aligned with my health and wellness which naturally leads my business to flourish."


Honolulu, HI

"Working with Sheri has been one of the best things I have done for my personal and spiritual growth. She listens intently and she intuitively knows the best approach to take to get results. Her compassion, patience + encouragement never wavered. She met me wherever I was at during each session, while also challenging me. During that time I had her come out to where I live for a 4 day intensive session. I would recommend that for anyone who wants to truly incorporate healthy changes into their daily activities. From our work together, I can honestly say that I am now more grounded in my sense of self and more confident and trusting in my own intuition."


Michelle, The Letterchelle

San Diego, CA

"Sheri is an understanding, connected and resourceful advisor. She helps me navigate my family painting business with advice and feedback on such things as reviews, bonus structures and employee management. She also supports me as I build another business to offer calligraphy services. It’s true what they say, it only takes one person to believe in you and Sheri is this person for me."


Gabrielle, Monarch Yoga

San Diego, CA

"Sheri has the incredible gift to ground. Her energy penetrates through your being, allowing you to feel completely safe and nurtured in her presence. 

She's one of the most intuitive, selfless, compassionate, inspiring & bad ass women that I know. Meeting her has forever changed my life and opened the door to my own soul searching; guiding and inspiring me to not look back but to forge ahead, creating and believing in the life I dream of!"

Danielle, The River Yoga

Denver, CO

"I appreciate Sheri's ability to both examine the black and white of my business, while also acknowledging & nurturing the softer side of what we do. Her guidance, attentive listening, and thoughtful coaching has become an invaluable part of my personal and professional work, growth and development." 


Kellie, Tribe Leader

San Diego, CA

"Me: Typically overwhelmed with the thought: I have SO MUCH to accomplish in one short life and must tackle EVERYTHING AT ONCE. 

Sheri: Reminds me to breathe while chunking those thoughts into attainable goals.


I walk away from our coaching sessions with a sense of empowerment knowing I am capable of doing AMAZING THINGS and with a clear plan of action regarding my quest to change lives & change the world."


Julia, Storyteller

Cardiff, CA

"I began working with Sheri during a time of great transition. I was uncertain and scared and through our time together, Sheri continued to guide me back to myself — my passions and my highest being. Through our conversations, my core values were revealed and I am now pursuing my deepest dreams — instead of “success” and security. Sheri has a magical way of always being grounded in herself and sitting in her presence brings out a similar foundation within you."

Amy, CorePower Yoga

Los Angeles, CA

"Sheri works with soul-awareness, boldness and imagination. Her leadership brings out the best in me. I always feel aligned with a sense of purpose and belonging when I am working with her. She reflects my light back to me and her mentorship gently points the way to inner truth."


Danni, Danni Pomplun Yoga

San Francisco, CA

"Sheri came out and met with my entire team. She found the value in everyone's offering and how they best supported the business. She was able to target missed areas of growth and helped streamline the process in our growth and operations. In addition, while the team was on break she worked for hand in hand with me on getting my ideas out of my head & setting clear goals on making them happen. She is truly the biggest asset that I have."


Lola, The Movement Lab

Baltimore, MD

"Sheri has been so important in my life & my growth. One of her greatest gifts is seeing beyond what I am saying and really feeling into my heart and what I need. I appreciate how she leads me into my own answers rather than telling me what to do or how to do it. Our time together during the coaching intensive felt so magical. She held such a container that made me reveal things in my heart that I thought were behind me. She knows when it's time to talk about heart and when it's time to talk about business. This is a skill, the amount of presence it requires cannot be taken for granted."

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