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Feedback from clients

Gratitude for my clients who have trusted me with their business, teams + community. Their work is a constant source of inspiration to learn, grow, and share my gifts.


"It's rare to find someone who can actively listen to a challenge with compassion and intention and then take that information and give direct and actionable feedback. Sheri can get to the heart of my issue and has an incredible intuitive, kind, direct strategy for movement and change. Time with Sheri always provides clarity and illumination. She is skillful and perceptive and I'm grateful to know and work with her."


"Having Sheri’s support and guidance has been like getting clearings, tune-ups, and nourishment through out the cycles of inevitable change. To have a support system and a mirror when you need it is invaluable. This sense of peace and calm has rippled out into my clinic space. When my patients come in they sense the intention and calm energy that has been woven into the fabric of my business with Sheri’s help. She has also helps me with practical applications of newsletters, client appreciation ideas, and outreach. It has been such a gift and a pleasure to work with her. I look forward to many more years to come."


"Sheri has been a godsend for me and my business. She’s an invaluable resource from her years of experience in the yoga industry. Her intuitive and supportive coaching style has left me feeling motivated and loved. Sheri is my #1 accountability partner, giving me actionable items that have transformed my business. I am forever thankful to her for her expertise, support, and the amazing community she has created and shared." 


"Sheri has a unique ability to hold space and let it take shape organically to support you, whatever your needs might be, and wherever on your journey you find yourself. She approaches coaching not from a rigid structure or curriculum, but instead with fluidity, authenticity, and honesty that results in beautiful synergy that makes you feel held and free simultaneously. She is truly one-of-a-kind and I am honored to know her and have gotten to work with her."

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"Sheri is an amazing active listener with a calming demeanor, and beams with radiant energy. Her connector-by-nature approach continues to inspire and support me on my path to professional growth. Sheri is approachable with all thoughts and questions that come to mind during, before, and after our sessions. I flew through my first three sessions in 8 weeks and knew that this motivational and inspirational relationship with Sheri is going to propel me forward with reaching my professional goals. I highly recommend working with this incredible human!"


"Sheri is a 10/10 coach, leader and accountability partner! You can tell that she loves what she does and it shows through her work. She leads you down the path you want to take and levels you up in every area she can and areas you may have never thought possible! She has been one of the best assets to my business and would recommend her to anyone trying to find their journey in the wellness space."

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I was so hesitant to work with another “coach,” I’ve been to a few and never felt like the time and energy I invested panned out to much more than friendly chatter. Then a trustworthy dear friend insisted I meet Sheri. Sheri is wise, supportive + knowledgeable.    She has helped me become a kinder & more accountable leader, develop a more consistent and manageable approach to building my businesses and helped me find authentic ways of leading my team. She holds me accountable, helps me find the words and keeps me focused on the big picture. I cherish my weekly meetings with her and can’t wait until I can bring her back to my studios in person again to work with my staff.


"Sheri is a world class leader. Her ability to lead with grace, clarity + compassion is truly one of a kind.  I have worked with Sheri for over 10 years and during every conversation and coaching session she always provides fresh and valuable insight.  She is knowledgeable and a true professional who is committed to doing what’s best.  I admire her ability to see all perspectives and then advise without bias.  When you choose to work with Sheri your life and career will most definitely flourish."


“Sheri is a calm for you when you’re in the middle of a business storm. She helps you (and your team), reflect, reset and re-focus which is often difficult to see/do without a trusted 3rd party like Sheri to gently help you see the way. She cares about you, your business and your people and helps encourage the sometimes tricky open conversations that are needed to get over hurdles and progress the business forward. We have thoroughly benefited from Sheri’s input and counsel!”

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Vibe Yoga

"Working with Sheri has been a gift. I first met Sheri back in 2007 when I was just getting started as a yoga teacher. I have had the honor of hosting her in our teacher training program multiple times and working with her during the toughest year to date 2020.  

I continue to work with Sheri as she brings experience, perspective, and creative generosity to each session. I hope she knows how much she is appreciated in this industry, as a leader, a listener, and a community connector. If you wish to bring value to your business and your life's work join forces with Sheri."


"Sheri is an understanding, connected and resourceful advisor. She helps me navigate my family painting business with advice and feedback on such things as reviews, bonus structures and employee management. She also supports me as I build another business to offer calligraphy services. It’s true what they say, it only takes one person to believe in you and Sheri is this person for me."



Monarch Yoga

"Sheri has the incredible gift to ground. Her energy penetrates through your being, allowing you to feel completely safe and nurtured in her presence. 

She's one of the most intuitive, selfless, compassionate, inspiring & bad ass women that I know. Meeting her has forever changed my life and opened the door to my own soul searching; guiding and inspiring me to not look back but to forge ahead, creating and believing in the life I dream of!"


"I appreciate Sheri's ability to both examine the black and white of my business, while also acknowledging & nurturing the softer side of what we do. Her guidance, attentive listening, and thoughtful coaching has become an invaluable part of my personal and professional work, growth and development." 


"Me: Typically overwhelmed with the thought: I have SO MUCH to accomplish in one short life and must tackle EVERYTHING AT ONCE. 

Sheri: Reminds me to breathe while chunking those thoughts into attainable goals.


I walk away from our coaching sessions with a sense of empowerment knowing I am capable of doing AMAZING THINGS and with a clear plan of action regarding my quest to change lives & change the world."


"I began working with Sheri during a time of great transition. I was uncertain and scared and through our time together, Sheri continued to guide me back to myself — my passions and my highest being. Through our conversations, my core values were revealed and I am now pursuing my deepest dreams — instead of “success” and security. Sheri has a magical way of always being grounded in herself and sitting in her presence brings out a similar foundation within you."


 Meditation Teacher

"Sheri works with soul-awareness, boldness and imagination. Her leadership brings out the best in me. I always feel aligned with a sense of purpose and belonging when I am working with her. She reflects my light back to me and her mentorship gently points the way to inner truth."


"Sheri came out and met with my entire team. She found the value in everyone's offering and how they best supported the business. She was able to target missed areas of growth and helped streamline the process in our growth and operations. In addition, while the team was on break she worked for hand in hand with me on getting my ideas out of my head + setting clear goals on making them happen. She is truly the biggest asset that I have."

"Sheri has been so important in my life + my growth. One of her greatest gifts is seeing beyond what I am saying and really feeling into my heart and what I need. I appreciate how she leads me into my own answers rather than telling me what to do or how to do it. Our time together during the coaching intensive felt so magical. She held such a container that made me reveal things in my heart that I thought were behind me. She knows when it's time to talk about heart and when it's time to talk about business. This is a skill, the amount of presence it requires cannot be taken for granted."


Hats for Heroines

"Sheri offers insight and inspiration far beyond her years. She listens and uses her extensive experience to provide wisdom and support in a gentle but definitive manner. I have benefited from working with Sheri on so many levels...personal, business, emotional, spiritual."



Marriage + Family Therapist

"Sheri offers powerful & graceful guidance to realize dreams. Her years of experience in actualizing big ideas gives her the ability to see the big picture and what it takes to bring a vision fully to life. With a solid + gentle approach, she asks essential questions to make sure there is balance in all aspects of life. Her inquiry keeps me aligned with my health and wellness which naturally leads my business to flourish."


"One of Sheri's greatest gifts and superpowers is listening. Her capacity to hold space and give the speaker time to reveal the solutions and answers for themselves is unique in an industry that can be full of ego. Sheri has been my boss, teacher and coach, skillfully lending her calm, confident, caring demeanor to each part of our journey together. I'm so grateful for her presence in my life."



"Working with Sheri has been one of the best things I have done for my personal + spiritual growth. She listens intently and she intuitively knows the best approach to take to get results. Her compassion, patience + encouragement never wavered. She met me wherever I was at during each session, while also challenging me. During that time I had her come out to where I live for a 4 day intensive session. I would recommend that for anyone who wants to truly incorporate healthy changes into their daily activities. From our work together, I can honestly say that I am now more grounded in my sense of self and more confident and trusting in my own intuition."


"I have immense gratitude for finding Sheri on my journey of becoming a life and wellness coach. Even though my path looks different than it first did when I met with her, she has been an unwavering and grounding support for me as I've navigated my own truth and passions.


She has this amazing ability to mirror myself back to me and make me feel heard, acknowledged, understood, and celebrated. She has committed to me fully during every emotional up and down in life that I've experienced, and continues to give me the courage I need to put myself out there. She is a wonderful mentor and soul sister." 

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"Sheri’s wisdom and honesty has helped me plan and prioritize my personal and business growth goals in a realistic, but gentle manner.


As my sounding board and friend, she has motivated me to keep my commitments and continues to keep me focused on what is important." 

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