My role as a coach is to listen, offer feedback, and provide you with support.

Through your work with me, you will not only learn new skills, but learn how to constructively implement them into your life, both professionally and personally. 

This work is about trust. You can trust in me to help hone your craft, deepen your purpose, and find expansion.


Whether that’s taking your business to the next level or recommitting to personal practices of growth, I will always hold space for you. That’s a promise. 

what is coaching?

  • Work with a creative partner to help deconstruct your big idea and create effective action.

  • Focus on your own growth as a leader with 1-1 mentorship. 

  • Gain perspective on your values and strengths and how to leverage them in your work.

  • Receive support on generating new ideas + mindset shifts.

  • Learn how to support the unique needs of your team as an inspiring leader. 

  • Elevate your team through leadership + skill set training.

am i ready for coaching?

  • You own your a small business and you need an ally on your side to support strategic vision.

  • You need an advocate for your own personal growth + development

  • You want to start your own business, but are not quite sure where to start.

  • You feel overwhelmed running your business and want to learn about organization and empowering your team.

  • You desire a brainstorm partner to idea generate for your business.

"Sheri is a rare gem. Trustworthy, kind, inspiring and compassionate is a true definition of Sheri.  Her sound advice coupled with her ability to provide creative, thoughtful solutions to elevate me to bring my best self forward has benefitted me not only professionally but on a personal level. She has opened doors that I could not see in front of me. Her ongoing suggestions and ability to gently nudge me out of my comfort zone continually challenges me to push forward to reach my goals. I am truly blessed to have her presence in my life."

Angela, Harken Creative

San Diego, CA 


I was so hesitant to work with another “coach,” I’ve been to a few and never felt like the time and energy I invested panned out to much more than friendly chatter. Then a trustworthy dear friend insisted I meet Sheri. Sheri is wise, supportive + knowledgeable.    She has helped me become a kinder & more accountable leader, develop a more consistent and manageable approach to building my businesses and helped me find authentic ways of leading my team. She holds me accountable, helps me find the words and keeps me focused on the big picture. I cherish my weekly meetings with her and can’t wait until I can bring her back to my studios in person again to work with my staff.