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Values Based Living

The work that I do with my business + personal development clients is based around Values Based Leading & Learning. Simply put, bringing daily awareness to what you moves you at your core and then aligning your intentions, words and actions to them.

Each day, we are pulled in numerous directions and are surrounded with feedback on how to live and how to be. Honing in on our values and examining how they show up (or don’t) in our lives is a key to happiness. It is a tool to eliminate the “shoulds” and instead lean into what fuels you and gives your life texture and satisfaction.

For me, connection is a staple core value. It shows up in the way that I communicate, the words I use, the use of touch and the impact of the work that I do.

Yet, even with knowing that connection is key to thriving, I find myself absentmindedly wandering away from it. (i.e. too many solo projects, working from home vs. at a coffee shop or co-working space, not setting up enough lady dates, etc.)

And then I catch myself. When I start to feel disjointed, a sense of unease sets in, my feathers get ruffled to easily…I know a quick peek back to my day, my week will reveal a disconnect to what I value you most.

This month, I am flexing the muscle of discipline to keep my life/work aligned with my core values. Being disciplined means committing to what is important vs. just saying that it is. It is about making the life that you desire a priority.

Friends, what are you core values? How do you breathe life into them each week? Let this month be the start of making time for what matters most to you.



photo cred: @jeskimak

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