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What does it take to bring a vision to life?

This is an ongoing conversation with my coaching clients as well as a consistent one with myself.

How do we take dreams and goals for our life and turn them into a reality?

As I reflected on my own process, I discovered that this is the roadmap that I turn to when I need encouragement to take the leap.

1. Get Clear

I am definitely not short on ideas.

I have lists and lists of things that sound fun and interesting.

Getting clear is about ensuring that what I put effort behind is aligned with my WHY and my Core Values. That where I place my energy has a deep connection to what matters most to me. So when things get tough, I get nervous, or lose my way...I remember why I care and the purpose of this pursuit in my life.


"To connect and provide support so that humans know they matter, feel heard, and are inspired towards meaningful action in their lives."

My Core Values

Connection- Curiosity- Creativity- Solitude

(Worksheets to support your work: Core Values Exercise / WHY worksheet)

2. Patience Patience Patience

I can give endless examples of when I wanted to give up from pursuing a vision.

-Radio silence on a proposal

-Creative energy stagnant

-Obstacle after obstacle popping up

-Too many NO’s to count

Patience is required to discern next steps. Action that is not coated in raw emotion.

Time to gain perspective and understand the intricate dance between perseverance and surrender.

Author Michael Meade once said, “Timing can be everything and wisdom requires the patience to wait as well as the courage to leap when the time becomes right.”


3. Leap

Here is where it gets tricky. I have seen it countless times with clients.

We wait.

For a sign.

For it to be perfect.

For the outcome to be known.

For it to be easier.

Leaping takes courage. It means trusting that your vision (goal, dream, longing, pursuit) is meant for you. That failure only means not trying. Knowing that taking that leap is a pivotal moment in your journey towards self-discovery in this one beautiful life that we have.

Growth requires risk taking. A declaration of your commitment to yourself in the pursuit of what is possible.

I have some big goals for the next half of this year. A lot of them involve you. No doubt that I will be utilizing this roadmap as a tool I explore all the possibilities that lie ahead.

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