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"I get so lost in where I want to go I forget that the place I'm in is already quite magical."

Rupi Kaur

When I read this quote recently, my response was "Yep. Sums it up."

It is the reason that I chose to have another North Star word of the year.

Savor/ take delight in, relish, enjoy

Even in the most beautiful moments, my mind drifts towards how I can make it better.

As I try to fix, change, and improve what is already whole - I miss the goodness of the moment.

Savoring for me is to enact a pause.

To inject a sense of enoughness. To witness and cherish what may shift in a moment. To saturate my entire being with the joy of what is.

1 month is it going?

I still run right past a lot of goodness.

And then I have moments like these (see picture), where the universe collaborates to teach me the lesson of savor. She says, "fresh snow, nature, silence, movement, friendship...enjoy everything about it.

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