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We moved to the mountains.


That is a question that carries the depths of six months of reflection, lengthy conversation, tears, happy daydreaming and spreadsheets.

The culmination of this time and questioning lead to this: What do we need right now to feel whole? What do we believe in? How do we want to live? What choices can we make to align with our values?

Making this decision meant letting go of rhythms that we fell into. Breaking up with subconscious beliefs of what we should be doing with our time and remembering that we are free to create. Life is not a collection of prescribed ways of being but an opportunity to courageously take action on the life you want to live.

Do you have to move to the mountains to feel whole? No.

The call is to simply allow yourself time each day to check in. The action you take in response to what you feel does not have to be a large gesture. Rather a small intentional action to honor what you know to be true. Connect with a dear friend, ground in nature, move your body, laugh, find space, get quiet, love yourself.

Need support in creating space for reflection? Enjoy this short guided meditation focused on wholeness.

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