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In the last month of the year, my mind diverges down two different paths.


Path 1: Slow down the pace


Path 2: Plan the shit out of the New Year


While my work is to always to better my ability to take it down a notch, I am also inspired for what awaits in 2024.


On a recent podcast listen, there was a discussion of the importance of yearning.


For 2024, it will be a North Star.


What do I intensely long for?


What is my soul’s deepest desire?


These questions can move us from surface level goals to unearthing what has always mattered most.


The answers are typically not found in the noise.


Rarely do they appear by looking outward in the forms of comparison or conformity.


Yearning is a felt experience.


It is the goosebumps on your skin when you free yourself to possibility.


The subtle ache when it feels impossible yet necessary.


The sense of contentment when you create a next step on your truest path.


My hope is to blend Path 1 + 2 this month. Slow and thoughtful. Intentional and actionable.


What do your yearn for in the New Year?


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