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The Golden Rule


I share words of wisdom with this little face every single day. Not sure if she can grasp all the words that I am saying or the deep meaning, but I do know that she feel the energy from my heart to hers.

The Golden Rule: Always treat others as you would want to be treated.

I recently added this one to my "40" list. How simple, right? I recently listened to an amazing TED Talk by Karen Armstrong and appreciated her interpretation...look deep into your heart, discover what brings you pain and refuse under any circumstance to inflict that suffering on any other being. On the other end of the spectrum, I add, find what brings you the greatest joy and happiness and choose to always share that with the world.

This is the path that we must choose daily in order to discover ultimate freedom & happiness of the mind and heart. For me, this means reciting the Golden Rule as my mantra first thing in the morning and then again when I experience moments of isolation, misunderstanding or fear.

When I look into McKenna's eyes, I see her curiousity, peace and pureness. When life challenges me the most, I choose to be the example for this special little being.

Weekly Challenge:

What brings you the most joy? Choose to share that passion with one person this week.

Weekly Playlist:

Jonsi & Alex – Happiness Roo Panes – Silver Moon Cloud Cult – You're the Only Thing in Your Way Zhu – Faded - Odesza Remix RJD2 – Ghostwriter Houses – Soak It Up DJ Krush – Final Home - Piano Mix Bonobo – Stay The Same David Gray – Back in The World Múm – Green Grass Of Tunnel Lapsley – Brownlow Volcano Choir – Husks And Shells Peter Bradley Adams – Interlude For Piano

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