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"What you seek is seeking you"


This quote has always appealed to me. I fall easily into the seeker category. I am never short of a new idea, the next place to visit or what I think will slow down my mind and fully open my heart. What I avoid working on is the stillness, the quiet, the waiting. What if what I am seeking cannot find me because I am running too fast? What would happen if I had the courage to fully be with an idea or myself long enough; to see something through from start to finish without hesitation, excuses or wiggle room to draw back.


Boldness has power & magic in it. Until we are fully committed, we never really know what is possible. For me, boldness translates into asking for help and sharing what is on my mind. When I do, I realize that I have more support than I ever could have imagined. My desires are no longer self-secrets but whispers that are dispatched out into the universe by a trusted army.

We draw to ourselves vibrationally what our heart focuses on. Whatever it is that you dream to do, begin now. The universe is looking for you.


Weekly Challenge

Where can you be more bold in your life?

Weekly Playlist

East Forest – 10 Laws Dirty Gold – California Sunrise Moby – Swear Nightmares On Wax – The Sweetest Banks – Warm Water Fjord – Blue MC Yogi – Born to Fly Slow Magic – Moon Active Child – Silhouette (feat. Ellie Goulding) Radiohead – Separator alt-J – Bloodflood Random Rab – Lace S. Carey – In The Dirt Lapsley – Painter - Valentine

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