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Will You Be My Valentine?


I tend to keep what I am thinking & feeling pretty close to the vest. The person who gets to see it all is Rob (thank you, love you, my rock). Truth be told though, I don't even give it all to him. It isn't from his lack of trying, it is more from my lack of giving. I have always considered my ability to self-process, be independent and get sh*t done a huge strength of mine. I know there is beauty in my true nature, but sometimes my strength fails me. It feels and looks more like, "I don't need your help, I will do this all on my own, I am strong & I will prove it to you." I choose to shelter my heart to protect against the possibility of judgement and misunderstanding. In reality though, the heart does not need this protection, only the ego does.

Anahata, the heart chakra, can be translated to "that which cannot be harmed." This center/core of our being houses our indestructible Self. It knows only joy, hope and freedom. With a clear vision of the life that I want to live, I know that there is a need to courageously wear my heart on my sleeve more often. So universe, will you be my Valentine?


Weekly Playlist:

I am not including a new Vinyasa one this week, rather a heart thumping, booty shakin' mix

alt-J – Interlude 2 Sbtrkt – Hold On (feat. Sampha) Parra for Cuva – Fading Nights - Original Mix Coldplay – Talk - Thin White Duke Mix Kat Deluna – Drop It Low Timbaland – Hands In The Air Get Cool – Shawty Got Moves Daddy Yankee – Rompe - Album Version (Edited) Pitbull – Pause Empire ISIS – NANA Power Missy Elliott – Bad Man - feat. Vybez Cartel & M.I.A. Amended Jennifer Lopez – Booty Alicia Keys – Girl on Fire Slim – So Fly - Album Version [feat. Yung Joc]

This Week's Challenge:

Who will you give a bigger piece of yourself to this week? Share a piece of your heart & soul.

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