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Tick Tock

I just got back from a carefree week in Capitola and Carmel by the Sea. The ease of a do-nothing schedule everyday mixed with great company and the most gorgeous surroundings made me lighter.

Not even hours after getting home yesterday, I allowed the familiar to sneak its way back in. Groceries, clean the house, schedule meetings, return emails, check Facebook, etc. Everything seemed heavy and like a chore. I was smart enough to turn to meditation in the midst of it all. Oprah saves the day again! I listened to Day 13 from the 21-Day Meditation "Timing for Success."

In it, they shared Dr. Daniel Siegel's outlook on how to best spend our time to contribute to overall wellbeing and inner growth.

It was a perfect reminder of how I can be more thoughtful each day and what activities to place more emphasis on. The no-brainers: sleep time (get rest), play time (be silly, have fun) & physical time (move everyday)

The ones that I can give more attention to:

  • Time-In (meditation/self-reflection/journaling)

  • Time-Out (just be, exist, no agenda/no plan)

  • Connecting Time (carved out moments with those you care about the most)

  • Focus Time (centering back to what matters most to you)

The picture above is from a solo run that I was on in Capitola. I found this swing in a peaceful wooded area, sat down, closed my eyes and connected to all my blessings while I pumped my legs like I was 8 years old.

Trust me, I plan on taking the time to do this more.

Weekly Challenge: Consider how you allow time to pass each day. Which area can you place more awareness?

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