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"If you are going towards the easy, the ego starts dying" -Osho

When I start to feel like I am sprinting through my day or my mind is spinning, I try to take a pause to ask: "What am I doing to make this moment/day difficult?" No doubt, I can rattle off a short list...I am not communicating my needs well, I am not asking for the support I need, I am taking something too personally, I don't need to scrub the floor right now- instead I can just sit for a moment."

How I want to experience my life is with effortlessness and ease. These two things are not the end goal of our day or life; instead they are the path that we must travel. Each moment, we can use the tools of effortlessness and ease to be more in tune with what is important to us and what is necessary.

These two do not translate to being passive about how you live your life. Instead, they mean a more natural, rhythmic and thoughtful approach to your choice-making.

As I work through some new changes & transitions right now, no doubt I will be checking in frequently. How are my choices uplifting and supporting my path? What choices can I make to keep softness and peace in my life? For me, the slow life is where the sweetness is.



Weekly Challenge:

What are you doing to make things more difficult?

Weekly Playlist:

In support of the theme, I used the same playlist as last week. I then utilized the hour that I would normally spend creating it relaxing with the fam.

Weekly Asana:

Side Crow (Parsva Bakasana)

  • Complete a well-rounded warm-up that has some emphasis on twists

  • Squat with knees together (cueing will be based on right knee in front)

  • Wrap your left arm in front of your body and connect it to your right thigh

  • Resist your leg into your arm and vice versa

  • Turn your belly and chest to face forward

  • Hug your elbows in and shift your chest ahead

  • Move your outer shoulders in and belly muscles up

  • Continue to move butt up and chest down to un-weight your feet

  • Re-grip the floor with your fingerpads & breathe

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