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"There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one that you are

capable of living." -Nelson Mandela

I have contemplated my 4th tattoo for a while now. It only took the "I'm an adult and I will prove it" heart with a flower through it permanently on my ankle when I was eighteen to teach me the lesson of patience :)

I am a visual learner. I am the sticky note on the laptop and writing on my hand person. I need to look in your eyes to fully understand and hear you. I felt like I needed the constant reminder of the opportunity that I have been given always in front of me and with me.

What is "one" to me?

-It only takes one breath to change my mood or my view of a situation. Inhale, exhale.

-This one moment, right in front of me, is all that truly matters. Be there.

-I have been given this one life to live to my own personal fullest. Live it.

-I am one with everyone around me. You are not alone.

For me, living a meaningful, passionate life has nothing to do with its length and everything to do with its width. My width involves my beautiful family, close/deep friends & living my life daily around love and fullness instead of fear and lack.

I practice my yoga every day so that the tattoo is more than a surface level stamp. It is integrated into everything that I do: thought, word and action.


How do you expand your life's width?


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Pose dedicated to the Sage Koundinyasana (Eka Pada Koundinyasana I)

Review all of last week's side crow instructions if neccessary

  • Complete a well-rounded warm-up that has some emphasis on twists

  • Squat with knees together (cueing will be based on right knee in front)

  • Grip the floor with your fingerpads & breathe

  • Wrap your left arm in front of your body and connect it to your right thigh

  • Turn your belly and chest to face forward

  • Continue to move butt up and chest down to un-weight your feet

  • Engage your top glute to sweep your top leg straight out

  • Continue to move your chest forward and shoulders back

  • Straighten your bottom leg and resist your thigh against your upper arm

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