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The negative self-talk about my body started early. I have memories of being 9 or 10 years old and thinking that my legs were too big. The intensity of these feelings came to a head in high school when I decided to solve it with bulemia.

Movement was, and still is, my place of peace. It is an every day commitment that I make. My yoga has provided me with tangible tools to pause when my thoughts stray from compassion and truth to negative self talk and doubt. The words and thoughts that we place on repeat get deeply ingrained into our bodies. Our lives are a direct result of what we believe, think and say.

The practice of changing our thoughts starts with slowing down to recognize this pattern. It then needs to be coupled with the practice of Ahimsa. Translated from Sanskrit to non-violence, it is the practice of kindness. Choosing postive thoughts and words to nurture and encourage growth.

My journey towards positive body image is a work in progress. No longer do I think my thighs are too big. Instead I am grateful for their strength and power. Days where I wonder why I dont have a six pack? I remember the home it created for my daughter for 9 months. Are you with me?

"Change your thoughts, change your world" -Norman Vincent Peale


Choose (1) reoccuring negative thought and recreate it into your new truth.


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Love Your Body Retreat

My dream of having a day long workshop to support positive body image is a reality! With the support of Heather Hemmer (CEO, The 30 Clean) and Angela Harken (Artist, Harken Creative), you will be dive deep into how nutrition, movement & painting can be supportive mediums to truly loving & understanding yourself. Visit the retreat tab to learn more.

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