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The questions "Do you feel different?" "How does it feel to be forty??" has come up a lot over the past week. The easy answer would be, "No, feels about the same." But I have never been one for easy answers.

I have spent the last year in a state of observation and contemplation. I feel that I have always been pretty closely connected to how precious, sweet & short life is. Yet, this year I feel that I have become alot more intimate with the choices that I am making. Instead of waiting and hoping for a situation or a person to shift, I am reminding myself of my own responsibility in my life and my own strength to take action.

So, with all this pondering, what has happened? Well...I am in the gap. What is the gap? The middle, the floating space, the in-between. (see below for more synonyms). Gentle reminder for all of my fellow gap-dwellers: it is not a bad place to be. It means that you have owned your first step: AWARENESS. A knowing that things can better, richer, fuller, more simple.

AWARENESS (the gap, the middle, fear, unknown, floating, possibility, thinking, pondering) ACTION

How do we move from the Gap into Action?

  1. Surround yourself with people who are in ACTION. They may make it look easy, but no doubt if you sit down & ask them, they will tell you it is daily work.

  2. Do something small every day towards where you want to be. It doesn't have to be grandiose to make an impact.

  3. Spend time with those who truly see you for what is possible.

  4. Lastly, believe that what your heart desires is possible.

How does it feel to be forty? Let's talk about it over coffee :)


Who will you spend time with this weekend who really gets you?


Come visit me Monday 7am at Yoga Six Solana Beach.


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