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I could not be more thrilled when my Passion Planner came in the mail last week. I love writing stuff down, crossing it off and then writing some more. It provides me the structure to plan but also the space to create. Even better, this baby came with stickers! The one that caught my eye and is now sealed on to the back of my phone simply says "Action Cures Fear." Boom.

When I feel the tightness in my chest of "I don't know what to do" or "Can I really do this?", the answer in words are sometimes unavailable. The only thing that I can find & that is necessary is movement.

Movement has always been a priority in my life. Each day is not complete without sweating it out in yoga, lifting something heavy or taking in the ocean during a jog. It definitely has brought me through some challenging times and given me a place to dream/brainstorm.

Movement doesn't always have to show up as fitness. It can be a coffee date with someone that inspires you. It can making a list of all of the magic that you accomplished over the past few months. It just needs to be something to propel you out of your own way and get you thinking bigger/different.

Deeper than all of this is the need to get really clear on why it all matters. For change to happen you need to know what is at stake if you don't shift. Get to the place where you can feel this answer...let it be real.

What's at stake for me if I don't shift? Boredom, regret, playing small, not fully living, missing out on opportunity to be around some kick ass people, disappointing myself.

What's possible if I do shift? My own schedule, abundant time with my family, financial freedom, inspiring a sea of people, being a role model for possibility. Really Anything.

Journal: What action will you take today? Tomorrow?

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