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I HATE asking for help.

I have preferred to move through the first 40+ years of my life doing things on my own. Part of it comes from wanting things done a certain way (i.e. my way). Part of it comes from my ability to give yet not receive. The biggest part comes from the thought that support equates to not being strong.

I am well aware this is a silly falsehood. Worse, this belief is 100% contradictory to one of the biggest tenants of the goal coaching that I do with my clients.

Thankfully, I started listening to my own advice recently. When I reflect on my life and the areas that I feel stuck/uninspired/confused/overwhelmed, the first question that I have been asking is, “Who can I ask for help to make this easier?”

The house is a disaster and I cannot prioritize cleaning it?

-Reach out to my trustworthy housekeeper to come and make it sparkle.

No time for website updates that have been on my to-do list a few months?

-Give the work to a friend who is talented at it and enjoys it.

Feeling stuck with my food choices and meal prep?

-Work with a dietician that I admire for accountability and inspiration.

I am committed to forward progress on this. The area that will need the biggest nudge is with matters of the heart. The stuff that is closest to me. The stuff that my family and friends would love to support me with if I just asked for it and opened up to it.

This is our yoga. Moving from the untruth of isolation to the reality of connection and support. That our strength comes not only from within by from those who surround us. I have faith that the next steps on my path will come from receiving the support of those around me. I choose to tap into that vs. any fear of not being strong enough to do it on my own.


What area of your life can you ask for more support? Who can you ask?

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