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I have felt that life has been moving too fast lately. Bigger than that, I have been moving too fast lately. Empty spaces are quickly filled, commitments to meditate have been pushed aside & a big pile of quick YES's have landed in my lap. While I appreciate the fullness of my life right now, I have noticed that my brain and body are always ON. Somewhere along the way, I have forgotten how just to be still. And more importantly appreciate & enjoy the stillness.

Imagine my excitement to open up my gift to myself this past weekend. A new necklace with a lovely mantra to support my new commitment.


In my rush to order, I mispelled my word...perfect :( My mind immediately went to calling customer service and telling them it was a mistake & that I needed a new one. Instead, my husband (laughing, of course) tells me that this is what I need. A physical reminder of what I want to shift. And so today, I wore it proudly and reflected often on my desire to pause, to witness, to rest, to nurture, to grow, to be.

REFLECT: What would your word be? Why?

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