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Last weekend, I was in magical Ojai CA to lead our annual women’s retreat. Each year, I look forward to stepping foot onto this sacred property. I immediately feel emotionally and mentally lighter when we pull up the drive way.

I could go on and on about the space, the perfection of the group that gathered and the healing power of nature...yet the moment that continues to stick with me occurred during our evening breathing workshop with the gifted Melodee Solomon.

I was excited for the experience as I have worked with Melodee before. I knew that if I stayed open + present, I would have the exact experience I was meant to have. Whether that meant restful breathing or being able to sit with what the breath brought up for me.

She invited us to utilize the phrase, “Show me what __________ looks/feels like.” The space to be filled with whatever quality/lesson that we were still learning.

I softly asked, “Show me what self-love feels like. Show me what self-listening looks like.” I repeated these phrases slowly with the hope of them finding a permanent place on my heart and into my daily living.

I am still learning to extend the same courageous, big, no strings attached love that I give to others back to myself. I am still learning how to slow down and hear what truly matters to me outside of the self-imposed "shoulds". I am still learning.

“The capacity to learn is a gift. The ability to learn is a skill. The decision to learn is a choice.” -Brian Herbert

And since the lesson seemed more accessible for me during stillness + meditation, that is where I have been since the retreat. 530am. 10 minutes. On my couch. A pre-meditation prayer that my kids stay asleep so I can create the space.

Friends, what are you still learning?

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