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Control Expert

Whether I like to admit it or not, I L-O-V-E being in control. It has served me in many ways. I am very comfortable taking the lead, raising my hand and assuming risk. It has also bite me in the ass. I struggle asking for support, keeping myself open to others taking the lead and have a must know attitude (TIP: don’t ever throw me a surprise party).

This last week has been a major test for my way of being and doing. The satisfaction that I get from completing a task, creating a plan and setting future goals has been disrupted. The ability to say "I got it" has slipped away. I have experienced every emotion battling my natural inclination to take action and instead face the uncertainty of this moment.

My work, as always, is surrender. To loosen my grip on certainty and find peace from the support that is always around me on this journey. Last night, I resolved to lean towards connection through conversation with my trusted tribe, being in nature as much as possible (thank you Winter Park), movement (see my suggestions below) and the snuggles of my sweet babes who teach me release each day.

To my fellow control experts, sending you love as you move through this process of release.

Support: Special love to all the fellow small business owners out there. We are resilient. Let us continue to support each other as we find new ways to innovate + create in these interesting times.

Movement: I will still be attending my fav local studios over the next few weeks as they remain open. Thank you @riveryoga, @compassfitness, @fitwall (and many more) for creating a safe space for us to connect and move.

In addition, I will be leaning towards these online resources as I hibernate in the mountains for a few days: @dannipomplun app, @barre3 online + @theclass.


I am here for you and will still be offering in-person and remote coaching. Should you need support with payment, do not hesitate to reach out for options.

Online Program:

Hunkering down and desiring a personal development course with yoga at home? Check out my online program: Discover Yourself.

In strength,


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