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This coming weekend I will run my first race in over 10 years.

WHY am I running?

  • For the first time in a long time, my body was a whole YES for it.

  • My dear friend HH is flying from Cali to run it with me!

  • Running in the Summer in Aspen = magic.

Training these past few months has been a highlight. Whether running loops in my neighborhood or vista runs at 9,000 feet in my favorite mountain town- the time in solitude and in nature has provided time to connect and care for myself. Do I think my body is ready for race day? 100%. Do I think my mind is ready for race day? Maybe. Knowing that the mental challenge of running 13 miles would be my hurdle, I decided to choose 3 words to have on repeat. These words are my Tenets of Focus. Enjoyment, Peace, Persistence Tenets describe how an individual (or team) intends to operate. They are beliefs held as truth. They are mental shortcuts to help with decision making. They inspire us and guide us towards intentional action. The concept of tenets goes beyond race day. It is a practice that I employ with my coaching clients. Not only do tenets give teams an anchor from which to evaluate decisions. It also supports translating WHY we do things (mission) to HOW we do things (intentional action). HOW do I plan on running this weekend?

  • I will take in the beauty of the area and enjoy time in nature with my dear friend.

  • When things feel tough, I will connect to my breath to find moments of inner peace.

  • I will remember that I am a badass mama and my work is to stay steady.

These words feel important not just for this weekend but for the long run of life as well. Enjoyment. Peace. Persistence. See you at mile 13 friends.

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