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March marks the ten year mark of running my own coaching business.

When I take the time to look back at who I was and where I was in 2013 - the amount of growth, experience, and confidence gained has been nothing short of amazing.

Ten years ago, I was let go from a company that I loved. I was not only doing work that I was passionate about, but during my 8-year tenure, the community and my colleagues became family.

There were many times over the year that followed that I wasn't sure I would ever find work that fulfilling again. Work that felt like I was living my purpose every day.

Fast forward a decade later.

What I have learned over this period of time is that PURPOSE is not attached to where you work or a title that you have.

Purpose is...

What matters most to you

What brings you joy

What makes your heart flutter

What lights your fire

What you could endlessly do without tiring

What feels good in your soul

Purpose is something that we can pursue and embrace every single day.

I have nourished mine by purposefully showing up for coaching, creating, guiding, mentoring, facilitating, parenting, friendship, partnership.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has lifted me up when I felt lost.

(Rob, Cara, HH, all the incredible clients who have allowed me to be a part of their journey, all the retreat guests who have inspired me to grow and shine.)

Cheers to the next ten years - I cannot see where life takes me.

Journal: How can I show up more purposeful today?

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