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A Shadow Value that I have reckoned with my whole life is TIME.

Let me define Shadow Value so you can consider yours.

Each of us have Core Values. A set of principles that support us in making decisions and guide us into living the fullest expression of ourselves.

We utilize our Core Values daily in response to our Shadow Values. The imprints that we have that come from a place of fear, of lack of union with ourselves and the truth of what is really possible if we didn’t hold on so tightly.

When not watched, the shadow value of NOT ENOUGH TIME easily creeps its way into my thinking and action. I rush. I overbook. I overcommit. I overdo. I deplete.

I can feel it in my body when I look at my calendar and notice that I have no space between actions to breathe. I can hear it in my tone when I speak to my kids when I feel rushed because I'm late again. I can feel it in my soul when I just want to relax but my body + mind rebelliously does not want to settle.

I have a few tools to support making peace with this Shadow Value.

The first is awareness of it and a firm understanding of WHY it doesn’t serve me. The second is compassion. In my experience, Shadow Values are always present. The best tool is to make peace with them.

I just looked at my calendar for the Quarter and realized that once again I overcommitted.

Actions that I was initially excited about now felt like tasks because I blindly piled them one on top of the other. I took time away this weekend to breathe and get some space so that I could discern what actually needed to be on my plate and what could be paused for another time. I held each commitment up next to my Core Values to see what was truly meaningful versus what I thought I should be doing.

And finally I recommitted to my daily mantra practice. A simple phrase to ease any disconnection between my head and my heart: “There is enough time.”

SHARE: What is your Shadow Value? What is your mantra to support you with it?

LISTEN: to my podcast interview with Danni Pomplun where we chat values, shadows and the road to living life free of shame and full of self-love and connection.

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