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Updated: Sep 2, 2021

I always know when it is coming.

It shows up as irritation, restlessness. It mingles with avoidance and tiptoes in anger.


At the moment, I know change is on the horizon with my work. Not necessarily WHAT I am doing but HOW I am doing it and what I am capable of with my strengths and my life.

Have you experienced this before with work, relationships, life? Knowing that nothing is wrong. You could just keep sailing. Yet something inside of you is aware of a bigger truth. There is more growth for you. More learning. More unlearning. More stretching. More waiting. More asking.

After I have my time with the agitation of this news, I lean into what I know will help.

  1. Journaling: I start a brain dump page in my journal. Some of the questions that get answered are: What am I excited about? What do I want to learn? What feels hard? What am I holding onto that isn't mine? When do I feel most alive? Most myself? What feels easy? What do I notice around me that needs my support?

  2. Movement: For me, it is the movement that creates the stillness. I have had so many moments of clarity during a yoga class or a silent hike.

  3. People: I reach out to my network of big thinkers. Those who will listen, challenge me and model change.

  4. Do: It only takes doing one thing that I truly love. One thing that I feel so myself in. An action where I know I am living my ground and be ready and open for the change that lies ahead.

  5. Patience: All to often, I expect and demand this change to happen immediately. I have had significant examples over the years to look towards that affirm that beautiful things unfold over time.

I look forward to sharing what unfolds in the next few months. Have a great tool to share about what you do in a state of change + discomfort? Drop me a line!

Ready to dig in more? Join me my upcoming "Summer Clearing Workshop". During this 90-minute workshop, we will create space to think more big picture about what we are doing well, what we want to work on + create a path towards discomfort and growth.

Enjoy 10% of your workshop through Sept 7th.

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