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Dizzy: a range of sensations including feeling woozy, unsteady, confused or spinning.

The world has been spinning madly for quite some time now. Meeting with coaching clients over the past few weeks, I have either heard or sensed a state of dizziness.

Rightfully so. Businesses are consumed by the necessary need to pivot their strategy, parents who were already juggling 10 balls now have 30 extra and all of us are experiencing disconnection from time (and sometimes Self).

The ride is not over. We are still in the state of scatter as the world continues to revolve at varying speeds. The rate of our personal, emotional, mental + spiritual evolution is like nothing we have experienced before.

Are the shifts and the speed at which we are experiencing them necessary? Yes.

Is there something that we can do to find steadiness and clarity in the process. Yes.

What can shift is self-permission to slow down; to remove ourselves from the merry-go-round if even for a few spins. Time to settle and understand how we wish to consciously contribute to the movement and when we need to rest and restore our focus.

Need support in the pause? Me too. Experience this 4-minute mantra meditation to provide you time to slow the spin.


Creating a vision for your life consists of knowing who you are, how you want to feel and a deep belief in what is possible. Dive in deeper through the Discover Yourself Online Course.

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