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I have been in a space of feeling really unclear of what to do. I feel the hurt not just in this moment but of countless years of discrimination, of fear, of loss, of inequality.

As I find my footing and stand in my core values of: leadership, growth, curiosity and connection, I will humbly share what I am doing in hopes of inspiring others to take action rooted in courage and authenticity.

I recorded a short meditation for you to pause when you need a moment to get in your body, out of your head and learn from the power and peace that resides in your breath.

How I am Learning:

  • White Supremecy + Me: Joined a book circle and completing journal prompts

  • 100% money raised for yoga classes this month donated to Loveland Foundation

  • Truthful conversations with my children about what is happening in this world and our family vows of Kindness, Love + Respect.

  • Researching ways to get active and create change in the Denver community.

  • Signed up for a Diversity + Inclusion course so that I can better serve my coaching clients.

What are you doing to educate yourself and to contribute to the healing of this world and create change? What other suggestions do you have for me?

Love + respect,


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