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Invisible Teammates

In a recent Dare to Lead podcast, Simon Sinek describes invisible teammates.

These are people in your life, whether they be work or personal, who have shared values with you. They are typically not a part of your day to day, but they are there to help advance your causes, celebrate your wins and support you at the drop of a hat.

I bet you can think of your invisible teammates right now. A colleague that you seek out to brainstorm ideas and support you with feedback. Your ride or die friend who will pick up the phone no matter what and listen about your kids, your relationship or nothing at all. A newer acquaintance who just truly gets you.

Working for myself, sometimes I daydream about my past days at big companies with my trusted cohort of co-workers. I remember the feeling of having them available during the day for idea sharing and growth opportunities.

Yet, when I sit and embrace this concept of my invisible teammates, I feel sweetly overwhelmed by all the support that I truly have in my life.

My rolodex is full of humans that would show up for me whether in work, motherhood, friendship and beyond in a moment's notice.

Let's give a shout out to our invisible teammates today and thank them for always being by our side.

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