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Lessons from Mud Season

I have started to get a little taste of mud season. For non-mountain folks, this is the time between March and May when the 200+ inches of snowfall starts to melt and your car is an unrecognizable dirt ball until June.

The days have been gorgeous. Not a cloud in the sky as the sun has begun to melt the mountain piles in our neighborhood. Yet even with the potential for sun kissed cheeks, I have found myself avoiding my daily walks outside the past few weeks.

Thoughts on my boots squishing and slipping in thick deep brown muck prevented me from doing what brings me utter joy: breathing in nature to clear my mind.

My choice of not stepping into the mess led to anxiety and feeling trapped.

On Sunday, I finally said fuck it and strapped on my boots. With my first breathless hill, I was instantly reminded of the freedom I feel in the mountains. I also reflected on other times in my life where I sided with comfort and keeping my life (business) clean and tidy versus getting messy with discomfort.

"You have to get your hands dirty if you want to change things." -Elena Ferrante

Saluti to all you out there willing to get dirty. Change is on the horizon.


Ready to dive into your business or life but not sure where to start? Schedule a free discovery call today. I can't wait to listen, offer feedback, and provide you support.

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