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Today I started my favorite project of January: Visioning for the year ahead.

My space is ready for action:

-Dry erase board as big as my bed

-Passion Planner

-Phone on do not disturb

-Endless blank pages in my journal for inspiration

Amidst the continued uncertainty of the world and the inevitable starts + stops that may lie ahead, I am dedicated to doing this work for a few reasons.


I utilize this time for an honest reflection of my life. Through self-inquiry, I examine where I have been spending my time to understand if it is in alignment with my values and who I want to be.

Often, we can drift off course and need the space to ask, “Why am I doing this? Is this important to me? Is this supporting who I want to be?”

The drifting is human. We can get pulled from our values when life gets busy or uncertainty lingers. Yet we always have the choice to come back and compassionately redirect.

Action: I encourage you to take a few minutes and inventory what is on your plate. Understand what actions/habits/beliefs are aligned with your values and which are not. Try out this worksheet if you need support with discovering your values.


Curiosity is a Core Value of mine so it is feels so good when I give myself the space to dig in. During my Visioning Time, I give myself permission to explore. What am I excited about? What do I want to focus on? What is working? What feels hard? Why?

I have pages in my journal dedicated to what is possible without any initial boundaries. After I feel complete, I comb back through and examine each idea through the lens of my values and life priorities. Patience is important with this step, especially if you are a recovering “YES!” person like me.

Action: I encourage you to grab some paper and start writing down what is possible for you this year. Whether it be work projects, travel, hobby, family or health…make your list of things that bubble up.


The final part of my Visioning Time is an action plan. So often what holds us back is trying to see into the future and know what will happen.

Instead, we need to lead from a space of doing. To change and grow into the person that we want to be, we need to surrender our doubts and desire for certainty and take action.

Friends, I am not talking about setting HUGE goals. Rather…One. Small. Step.

Each step, if we are present, will provide us with the information that we need to either take a next step or recalibrate.

Action: Choose one thing that you want to try on for this year. What is one small thing that you can do this week to be in the doing?


Inspired and want more support and tools? Join us virtually on Saturday, February 2nd for our New Year, New Intentions Workshop. Each participant will receive pre-workshop journaling prompts to start the self-inquiry process. Our time together in the workshop will give you the opportunity to create your vision for the year ahead.

Use promo code FRIENDS for $10 off two tickets.

Finally, tune into the latest free meditation “Surrender” to create space for all the possibility that lies ahead.

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