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I recently made my way back to the tennis court.

It has probably been a good 9 years since I have been consistent with a racket. Even with all the time that has passed, it still filled me with the same joy and energy that brought me to the sport initially. Not surprisingly, the work needed on the court translates to my off the court life as well. Here are my top takeaways: Hire A Coach When starting back up with tennis, I had a few goals in mind: 1.) Have fun while I exercise. 2.) Get a lot better at it. I knew I needed more than just casual play with friends to accomplish the 2nd. Enter Coach Kate. A seasoned expert with a trained eye. I appreciate her being my mirror. She knows where I am starting from and what my goals are. She reflects what she sees in such a supportive way and stays patient while I apply her coaching.

Off the Court: This was a great reminder that hiring a coach doesn’t equate to failing. Instead, it shows commitment to growth and a curiosity for what is possible. Lately, when I feel stuck, the main question I ask is, “Who can I go to for support?” Sometimes that it a friend or my partner. Other times, it is an expert in their field with a passion for and expertise in what I need. Don’t Forget to Follow-Through My shot follow-through is non-existent. Just whack the ball with all my might and get ready to whack it again. Zero grace. All force. Mind chatter that says, "on to the next." Coach Kate reminds me to slow down and to be with the one shot in front of me. See it all the way through vs. rushing for what is next. Off the Court: Can anyone else relate to the big checklist of things to do? My feels never-ending and daunting. My work right now is to focus on one thing at a time vs. rushing to get it all done. Whether it be a work project, my family or a new idea. For me this is extremely difficult, yet also very rewarding. Instead of 20 projects that are 1/10th complete each, I appreciate the sense of accomplishment when 1 thing is taken from concept to completion. #workinprogress Back Up To say I am aggressive on the court is a serious understatement. I love to charge the net. I love to run around and take the hard shot. Coach Kate loves my enthusiasm AND reminds me to get back my ass back to the baseline. Why? It is the reset. It provides me with the full view of the court so that I can respond vs. react. It positions me to move forward with intention and right force. Off the Court: The “back up” off the court is returning to my vision. Life moves fast. Often, I find myself

impulsively reacting vs. intentionally considering my response. Is this decision aligned with my values? Is this moving me forward on my goals? Does this distract or elevate? I have a planned “back up” next week. In preparation for the End of Summer Clearing Workshop, I am doing my own. An opportunity to reset to my baseline as I travel into the Fall. What have I learned the past few months? Where did I stray from my vision? Where can I dig in? What can I release? What does this look like in action?

Hope that you can join me!

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