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The Murky Middle

My ears always perk up when I hear someone say, "There is this thing that I really want to do."

You can see it in every inch of their body.

Excitement, possibility and strength oozes from their smile and light dances in their eyes.

I have trained myself not to miss any of this moment.

For it is pure and unobstructed. Unobstructed by ego that says it is not possible. Unobstructed by conditioning that says that they are not smart enough, experienced enough, worthy enough...

Then you see the shift.

Layered on top of the self-worth is the uncertainty around next steps. "How do I possibly get from here to there?" It feels unclear and often insurmountable.

This process isn't relegated to just one piece of our lives.

  • A desire to transition from a job that leaves you feeling like something is missing

  • A relationship that you know is not aligned with your values or future vision

  • Creating routines + rituals that allow you to be your best self

  • The list goes on...

All of these share "The Murky Middle."

  • Where there is a known comfort yet a desire to shift on one end...

  • A vision for what your soul knows to be true and possible on the other end...

  • And a somewhat unidentifiable, murky (and sometimes scary) place in the middle.

So, what can we do?

Your WHY

"What do I want? WHY do I want it? How do I get there?" Stacey Abrams

I love this quote from Stacey Abrams. Connecting to WHY you want something takes you from the surface, which can be filled with comparison + distraction, to the deep foundation. The foundation It is about your gifts, your purpose in this world. It connects you to what your soul is saying that you must do.

Each time I am faced with a big vision that I have for my life, I sit down and write. WHY is this is important to me? If I find myself in free flow with my writing, I know that I am headed in the right direction. Through the experience of taking thoughts to paper, I can capture and experience what is living inside of me.


How do you get there?

It is not about intensity or speed but consistency. Each small step that we take will reveal so much if we are present for the feedback. "How did it feel? What did I learn? What do I know is next? Where can I lean into support?"


This is the one that I am still fumbling through.

Asking for + receiving support.

Big dreams are not meant to be experienced alone. The murky middle isn't either.

When we know something to be true, then we have the opportunity to receive support. For me, this is about vulnerably sharing what it is that I want to do and then saying, "but I am stuck...I don't know where to go next...I am need for you to listen and give me some feedback."

Support turns our blinders from opaque to transparent.

It gives us the reinforcement and affirmation that we need to move forward. It lights the way through the murky middle.

Need a support system? I have openings for clients starting in April. Schedule your complimentary discovery call and allow me to hold space for your next steps.

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