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It’s birthday week ya’ll!

There are a few traditions that I have for myself as I celebrate another opportunity to journey around the sun.

#1: Give Back

“No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.” -Aesop

I think of this quote often as a reminder to vocalize compliments, volunteer where I am passionate and give from strength. The past few years, I have tied my birthday give back with my love of movement + community.

Beginning a newbie to our new mountain town was not an excuse to pause. So on Monday Nov 1st, I will be teaching at yoga class at Moon Frog Coffee in Winter Park.

All donations will benefit the National Sports Center for the Disabled. Can’t make class, but want to support this incredible organization? Learn more below.

#2: Reflection

I have already booked a night away in Denver by myself with a list of questions, considerations and possibilities for the year ahead. I saw Stacey Abrams live last week. She shared the three questions that she regularly asks herself when working on her life vision. “What do I want? WHY do I want it? How do I get there?”

I love each of these questions but particularly the second…WHY? Time spent in this question helps me stay in the lane of my strengths and passions. It ensures that I am aligning my pursuits with what I value the most. It settles me to hear my own guiding voice versus being persuaded by other noise.

#3: Eat Cake

Yes, there will be some good fucking chocolate cake this Friday. And...Eat Cake reminds me to take time to celebrate myself. Time to acknowledge my growth, my contributions to this world and the possibility of what is yet to come.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes this Libra season. In celebration, I am sharing the Lessons of a Soloprenuer Worksheet. In it, I give my top 5 reminders of how to create and commit to meaningful work.


Want to donate to the NSCD this month?

Venmo @sheri-colosimo by Tuesday Nov 2nd and memo “NSCD Yoga.”

I’ll send you a note the first week in November to let you know how much money we collectively raised.

Mexico in February?

Yes please! Check out what Más Bliss Retreats is up to.

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