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Values in Crisis

Contentment, pit in my stomach, joy, sadness, hope, disconnection.

I have experienced this range of emotion over the last few weeks. Sometimes all of them in one day. Okay, in one hour.

While I know that the state of world, adjusting to a new normal and reorganizing life (kids, school, my business, home, etc) have contributed to this interesting ride of emotion…what is also clear is that my values have taken a hit.

Values are a compass that can guide us in the world. They can serve as an anchor when everything around us feels shaky.

My main core values are: connection, leadership, travel, and space. These are the things that give language to my purpose and I have had a pretty steady way of bringing each of these to life over the past decade.

Connection: hugs, hand holding, eye contact, one on one in-person lady dates, teaching my weekly studio yoga class.

Leadership: grow my own small business and support other clients to feel empowered to do the same.

Travel: fly to lead trainings for my clients, monthly trips with the family, planning for out of the country voyages, gathering groups for retreats.

Space: listening to a podcast, reading a book or journaling the last 1/2 hour before I get kids from school.

My standard iteration of each of these is being challenged. My go-to's for feeling grounded and connected to myself are not as easily in reach. Because it hasn’t come easy and it doesn’t feel familiar, I chose to just abandon them all together.

Outcome: pit in my stomach, sadness, disconnection

This is when we need our values the most. These little nudges that remind us in the best and worst situations how we can show up to experience life and ourselves to the fullest. Now is the time to not only recommit to core values but redefine what they mean and how we can tend to them in this moment.

This weekend, I made a list of what is possible right now with each of my core values and made peace with my old way of relating to them. I plan on heading to the park (by myself) to practice "space" today. I will be the girl under the tree on her yoga mat in savasana breathing the change that is in the air.

I would love to hear how you are redefining your most dear core values during this time.

In addition, I would love to support you in finding your core values and committing to them. I am partnering with The River Yoga to offer two programs this month.

Discover Yourself Online Program: Open to all, $50, self-paced starts Tues Apr 14th

Values Based Teaching Online Program: 200-hour yoga teachers, $35, Sat Apr 11th

Additional services at this time:

1-1 Personal Development + Business Coaching sessions available by appointment.

Weekly #ittakesavillage donation classes. Next class: Monday Apr 13th. All donations will benefit Kellie Sullivan Day.

COMING SOON: Downloadable yoga, meditation, fitness classes so you can practice on your schedule.

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