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learn +grow

Knowledge is power on the path to transformation. 

As an educator, I analyze industry needs and then design and deliver impactful training and development courses. I lean into my strengths of writing, curiosity and connection to produce courses that inspire action and trust in one’s ability to learn and thrive.

These introspective courses are designed to give generous space for deep reflection, create community connection and challenge how you see the world.


Discover more about yourself and live a purpose filled life.

  • Discover Yourself

  • Action Cures Fear

  • Backpocket Tools: Yoga, Meditation + Manra

      and more...​

    Advance your teaching and/or

    elevate your studio offerings.

  • Values Based Teaching

  • Themeing + the Impact of Language 

  • Modern Day Yoga Philosophy

  • Strength + Surrender Teacher Training

  • Mindful Motherhood Pre/Postnatal Teacher Training

  • Build your Brand

      and more...

Continuing education and growth opportunities for you and your team.

  • Core Values + Business

  • The Art of Listening

  • Courageous Leadership

  • Inspired Sales Cycle

  • Branding: Your WHY, WHO + WHAT

  • Build your Brand

      and more...


"Sheri's Business of Yoga training was the course I needed that I didn't even know I needed!  It helped me dream and get clear on what I want for my future in the yoga industry. The layout of the course made it easy to tap into my center and grow from there. I am walking away with so much more knowledge and a road map of my next steps to grow my future business." 



"Mindful Motherhood was a richly informative, holistic, and in-depth experience. We explored all aspects and stages of pregnancy from detailed physiological and emotional changes to energetic shifts. We learned how to create a range of yoga classes suitable for all levels, throughout all stages of pregnancy I now feel so confident, comfortable (and thrilled!) when I have a pregnant woman in my class; I can comfortably adjust, modify, and create a welcoming experience for her. I came away from the training with more knowledge and confidence than I thought possible! Sheri is so knowledgeable and passionate in this area; I highly recommend her training. 

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