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I convinced Rob a few years back to humor me and start creating vision boards at the beginning of each year. It has been so fun to watch his delight as these vision boards backed by thoughtful conversation and heartfelt wishing have brought our goals to reality.

Moving back home to Denver had been a light conversation for the last few years. Yes, we felt that moving back at some point would be the right move but never held tight to the when. This city peeked its way onto our boards over the last 3 years...a picture of some mountains or a family camping together. The universe brought us a few opportunities over the past few years but none felt quite right.

It wouldn't be a surprise to understand why we moved this Summer if you take a look at my 2018 board. No more subtle or small pictures. Capital letter D-E-N-V-E-R comes screaming across the front. Even after I created it, we still held the idea lightly. No need to force, no need to rush...what is meant for you always arrives at the right time.

The universe is sending clues all of the time. Our responsibility is to be awake enough to see/feel them and to have the courage to say yes.

I am thankful for the grounding force of these Rocky Mountains. There is a lot of creativity ready to burst out of me right now. Yet I go back to what I know to be true...patience is key. When the timing is right, it will be beautiful, easy & perfect.

Upcoming Events:

Sept 15 & 16th

October 21st

Halycon Hotel

Nov 3-5th

Dec 1 & 2nd

Feb 21-25th

Los Zacatitos, MEX

1-1 Coaching:

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