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Early Morning Suprises


I credit my daughter for instilling a love for early morning rising. Before the sun is up, I am out of bed with energy to greet the day. Typically my morning commute consists of blaring my favorite Spotify playlist, fighting with Siri about who to send a message to or mentally planning my day. This week however, I unconsciously made a shift. My car rides have been silent. My head has been peacefully empty. And with this space, I noticed something small. The sun is now a co-pilot on my drives. Each day we have been receiving an earlier preview of the sun and each night a lingering trace of her light. Have you noticed? The more we simplify our lives, the more room there is for noticing the subtleties around us: not only in nature, but in each other and ourselves. Slow is sweet & less is more...this is my interpretation of living in the moment. When I am in this space, I am more sensitive to what I need to feel complete. My living is intentional versus habitual.

Although I crave the long days of summer, where it feels like the day will never end, I fully appreciate the now. Where each minute holds the possibility of beautiful change and more light.

Weekly Playlist:

Phaeleh – A World Without Mokhov – Halcyon Days alt-J – Hunger Of The Pine Beck – Heart Is A Drum Petite Noir – Chess Alina Baraz – Fantasy Handsome Ghost – Blood Stutter The 1975 – Medicine Howard – Money Can't Buy (Single) Daniel Johns – Aerial Love Dwntwn – Heroine Liars – The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack Helios – Halving The Compass

Weekly Intention:

"See the light in others and treat them as if that is all you see."

-Wayne Dyer

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