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I completed my vision board a few weeks back.


It is a project that grounds me.


Fixed on my office shelf, when I look at it, it evokes feeling.


Rather than representing things to obtain, it speaks to a way of being.


I created this board as a foundation for my days.


It is easy for me to get caught up in my multiple to-do lists.


It is easy for me to feel the anxious pull of the seemingly ceaseless demands of my attention and time.  


Yet, when I look at this board, it quiets the distraction.


"This is life." is what I hear.


Does creating a vision board mean only sunny skies + abundance?




When I look at the board, I also see the work ahead. Again, it has little to do with obtaining. Instead, it is understanding where the softening, the releasing, the allowing is needed to experience this way of being.


Daily f-ing work friends and I am here for it.


PS (My words of 2024: Ease + Savor)

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