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Vamos a respirar juntos

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Tengo clases de español todos los Miércoles. No es fácil.

I have Spanish lessons every Wednesday. It is not easy. I have been studying on and off for a few years and during this time I have learned more than just an appreciation for the language.

Lesson #1: Patience (paciencia)

Past tense verbs are no joke! Although I feel masterful in some areas of my life, this is not one of them. Learning a new skill takes time, consistency and an open mind.

Lesson #2: Empathy (empatía)

I have no doubt that we are all trying something new every day...entering parenthood, navigating a new relationship, starting a new job, moving to a new space, taking your first yoga class, eating in a more supportive way. The more we recognize & appreciate that every day, each of us is trying, the more compassion and support we can lend one another.


One of my favorite mantras. Easily translated to "I Am That." For me, it is a reminder that we are all the same. Only fear and judgement breathe difference and separateness. By remembering our shared divinity and seeking connection the world, our beliefs and opportunities will only expand.

Weekly Challenge

Who in your life can you shower with more patience and less judgement?

Weekly Playlist

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Weekly Asana

Revolved Triangle Pose


  • Step your right foot forward & left foot back

  • Separate feet wide enough to feel a stretch in your thighs while keeping your back heel planted

  • Hinge at your hips and fold your torso over your forward leg

  • Push your feet down to extend your legs

  • Draw up your lower belly

  • Reach your left hand down to the floor, twist to the right, reach your right hand high

  • Re-steady your feet

  • Move your upper inner thighs together

  • Pull your waist back

  • Move your glutes back and down

  • Extend your spine directly out of your pelvis

  • Softly gaze to your top hand

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