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I have had a pretty clear picture of what I have wanted my life to look like for awhile.

This past year, I have been vocal about what is working and what hasn't worked with trusted confidants.

It wasn't until this past November though that I started to write it down. Not just once, but every single morning. This "must list" has not only served as a reminder for what I know my life can be, but it has also supported the decisions that I have been making daily.

When a door recently closed for me, I was not suprised. When I lined it up against my "must list," it wasn't a true fit. Flexible schedule? Nope. More time with my family? Nope. Financial freedom? Well, not quite :)

When opportunities present themselves, I hold them up against this list. Instead of jumping, I reflect to make sure that it is a "hell yes!" opportunity pointing me in the right direction.

I believe that when you are ready to put it out there, the universe is listening and ready to support your motion. Does it mean that my "must list" is just falling into my lap? Not quite. Through experience, I find that it takes courage to truly believe that what you want is possible. Even more, that you deserve to have the life that you desire. I work on that daily.

I choose to surround myself by others who feel the same. Those courageous ones who are doing things just a bit different because they know different is possible. This pretty much sums up all of my coaching clients...movers, shakers, believers, creators, dreamers.

2016...I am clear and I am coming for you.



Special shout out to: Alyssa, Amore, Angela, Christina, Danni, Erica, Julia, Kori, Luciana, Meagan, Rudy, Thomas for trusting me to be by your side.


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