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The past two years, creating a vision board in January has been a family activity. Lots of magazines, glues sticks and glitter. I love sitting down with Rob and having dedicated time to reflect on what transpired over the past year and what we want for ourselves and our family over the next 365 days. The vision board then brings that to life and is hung in our bedroom where we can see it as we get ready for bed at night and work in the morning.

In addition to the board, I also selected a word to encompass my work for 2017. TRUST is something that I started working on deeply in November and I know will be with me as I navigate through the first half of this year.

The path to freedom and happiness lies in letting go of attachment" -Buddha

For me, trust this year can be defined as:

Focus on the Big Picture

Remembering what truly makes me happy and prioritizing those people and experiences.

Staying in Flow

Remembering what I am working towards with less attachment to how it will happen and when it will happen. Fully knowing that everything is unfolding exactly as it should.

Embrace the Unknown

As a master planner, this one is tough. Yet, with the birth of a new baby 4 weeks away, this is key. Remembering that the unknown is rich fertile ground for creativity and possibility.

Whatever your word or vision is for 2017, I encourage you to find ways to bring it to life. Create a daily mantra or affirmation, share with someone you love, bring it to life through images or wear it around your neck. Daily inspiration + trust + surrender = bliss.

Playlist: Follow me on Spotify to get weekly playlists at: scolosimo123 or see main BLOG page for inspiration.

Posture of the Month: Surrender Chest Opener

Align 1 block between shoulder blades and another block under head

Change height of blocks as necessary to feel supported at low back and neck

Choose a leg position that allows fullness in low back. (i.e. bent knees, soles of feet together or straight legs)

Take 10 long and smooth breaths in this posture.

Inhale your 1-word mantra, exhale

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